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Address: No. 389, West Huanghe Road, Yanggu County
TEL:400-891-6689  0635-2157666/2158888

ALL Qilu Cable Co., Ltd. 


Qilu Cable Co., Ltd.

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The company's irradiation crosslinking center officially put into operation

Irradiation cross-linking low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant and wire and cable , using low-smoke halogen-free materials, using high-energy electron beam generated by electron accelerator to irradiate and crosslink the cable, so that the insulation layer of the cable is changed from linear molecular structure For the three-dimensional network  structure, a three-dimensional lattice smaller than water molecules is formed, and a dense layer is formed on the surface and inside of the polyethylene, thereby effectively preventing the combination of hydroxide and water molecules, and the abrasion resistance of the wire and cable after irradiation. Solvent resistance, environmental stress cracking , hardness and softness are relatively improved, the surface of wire and cable is not cracked, no mildew, no stickiness, no fear of grinding, no fear of puncture , no fear of multiple bending, rain, weather corrosion Etc., the cable has the characteristics of low smoke, no halogen, flame retardant, fire resistance and high temperature resistance.
Radiation cross-linked cable products are mainly used in the fields of locomotive , nuclear power , wind power, aerospace and public fire protection. The products have high working temperature and good mechanical performance , which is the best choice to replace traditional cable products .