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Address: No. 389, West Huanghe Road, Yanggu County
TEL:400-891-6689  0635-2157666/2158888

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Qilu Cable Co., Ltd.

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The city's industrial product production license and post-certification supervision knowledge training class successfully conclu


On November 22, 2016, the national industrial production license and post-certification supervision training course of our city was successfully concluded in Dongchang Hotel. Deputy Director Yu Chuanyong of Liaocheng Quality Supervision Bureau presided over the meeting, and Director Li Qingwen of Shandong Quality Supervision Bureau served as a training teacher. The training is to help enterprises grasp the new requirements of national and provincial industrial product production licenses, and effectively implement the main responsibility of the enterprise. The main content of the training is the production license of industrial products and the knowledge of certification. More than 300 people from the county urban quality supervision system and related enterprises attended the training meeting.