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Chinese cable companies are brightening


According to the "2015-2022 China Wire and Cable Market Research and Development Trend Research Report" released by Zhiyan Consulting, the number of China's wire and cable exports from January to December 2015 was 2.17 million tons, down 0.3% year-on-year; the export value was 200.87. Billion dollars, down 4.2% year-on-year. Some people have moved out of this matter to comment, and even linked the decline in exports to the quality of "Made in China" products. This is extremely irresponsible and misleading. It is a normal phenomenon that the export volume of products has risen and fallen, and it is not necessary to over-interpret it.
In fact, although the export volume and amount of cable products declined in 2015 compared with the previous year, it still shows a bright product export situation. In particular, China's "Made in China" cable brand is being implemented along with the "One Belt, One Road" strategy. China's cable products have entered the foreign engineering market in large numbers and are gradually recognized by countries around the world. The "Belt and Road" strategy has an inestimable effect on China's economy. Even President Trump has expressed great enthusiasm for the "One Belt, One Road" strategy. China's cable export industry is struggling to counter the unwarranted humiliation and humiliation of "Made in China" as "counterfeit products" and further brighten the brand of cable products.
Over the years, China's cable industry has been deeply rejected, filthy and insulted by foreign counterparts, and regards "Made in China" cable products as "counterfeit products" and has tried every means to smash and resist. In addition to the notorious technical barriers, the boycotts they took were even linked to the so-called human rights. In addition, China is also vigorously promoting how the quality of domestic cable products is, and it is even worse, which has contributed to the deterioration of the internal and external environment of China's cable industry. Even a foreign product agent who is a Chinese and ran out of a state-run unit once screamed in front of me: "I just want to beat domestic companies in terms of certain performance indicators of domestic products." I asked him at the time: "Are you still Chinese?"
Chinese cable people are really so weak, incompetent, bully, bully?
Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, China's cable industry has built a complete cable industry system for more than 60 years, and has completed more than 200 years of Western capitalist countries. Regardless of the size of the industry and the variety of products, it is a miracle.
First, an independent cable industry system was established. China started from several small cable factories during the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression. Some patriotic experts returned from abroad to create an independent cable industry and trained China's first generation cable technology experts. After several generations of efforts, the cable industry system has been continuously improved. Nowadays, it has become the world's second largest cable industry country. Foreign counterparts are eye-catching and attract jealousy and filth. The hybrid economic system implemented so far has made the cable industry even more powerful, and it has ushered in a sunny spring. A large number of cable companies with strong technical and economic strength have emerged, which are highly respected by countries in Southeast Asia, South Asia and Africa. China's cable line "Southward" and "Nanfang" have achieved great success.
Secondly, product technology innovations are remarkable. People have been saying. China's cable industry is "big but not strong." What is "strong"? The general interpretation is that there are no well-known international brands and the industry is not concentrated. To raise the concentration of the industry, under the current situation of China's economic development, transformation and upgrading, and labor and employment conflicts, it is a difficult problem that cannot be said clearly. However, as far as cable products are concerned, there are Chinese cable products in almost all kinds of cable products, and some are even the world's first products. China's cable industry has already overcome the technical bastions and achieved remarkable results. Ultra-high voltage underground power cables, ultra-high pressure submarine optoelectronic composite cables, special overhead conductors, high-end aerospace cables, etc., and even fire-resistant cables have reached a fire rating of 1500 °C. At that time, products that had been blocked by Chinese counterparts in China, now we have better products into their homes. Some large cable companies in China, such as Han Cable, Hengtong, Baosheng and Shangshang, have emerged in an endless stream of products, set off the banner of the Chinese national cable industry and step into the world's cable industry. Isn't this the pride of China's cable industry?
Third, we have cultivated a vast army of cable industry. At that time, people once cheered for this industry army, but now they exclaimed the vicious expansion of the industry, and vowed to rectify and cut half. Then, whoever cuts and how to cut it, no one can say why. In fact, it is this vast industrial army that has created the glory of China's cable industry and become the world's second largest cable industry. Imagine if there was no such industry force, and the Chinese cable industry would look like only those dozens of large enterprises. The global economic integration, the market is up and down, this is a normal reason. People really shouldn’t make irresponsible remarks about the cable industry that they have worked hard to cultivate. The number of SMEs in the US accounted for 97%, and new achievements in technological innovation accounted for 65%. People do not have the idea of ​​playing SMEs all day, but try their best to do more practical things for SMEs, so that SMEs can survive and develop in a regular and healthy manner. Aren't Microsoft and Apple all developed from small and micro enterprises? Bill Gates's "Let the Computer Change Life" and Steve Jobs's "Let the Computer Change the World" are innovative ideas and determinations that have never been seen before. They thought about it, and when they said it, they did it. Whether entrepreneurs should think and learn from it is worth studying.
For these aspects, we have no reason to always sigh and sigh, but should be united in the whole industry, cultivate more powerful enterprises, let more brand-name products go to the world, and never "infighting inside and outside." ".
At the time when the Chinese government advocated "Made in China 2025", it pointed out the direction for the development of the cable industry and brought opportunities. Rethinking the reasons why China's cable products are not well known in the world, in addition to the factors mentioned above, is also related to people's beliefs. In the past, the "iron man spirit" of Daqing Oilfield has now been scorned by some people. This cannot be said to be a retrogression or destruction of faith. Under any economic system, practitioners should have a positive spirit, both for the country and for themselves. The industrial development of developed countries for hundreds of years is like this, and it is worthy of our reflection. Nowadays, what China's cable industry urgently needs is a strong organizational form, in-depth and meticulous enterprise guidance, systematic and comprehensive personnel training and effective and effective incentive mechanism, and can not let the enterprise go through all the hardships. "Hands a cable to the world, single-handedly闯江湖".
Now, it is time to establish a "Made in China" resounding brand and a glorious image in the world. We are convinced that the Chinese cable industry will continue to carry forward the good tradition of self-reliance, hard work, and self-improvement, throwing the humiliating hat of "Made in China" equal to counterfeit products into the Pacific Ocean.