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Address: No. 389, West Huanghe Road, Yanggu County
TEL:400-891-6689  0635-2157666/2158888

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Qilu Cable Co., Ltd.

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Our company successfully applied new modified silicone rubber ceramic refractory materials in fireproof cables.

The modified silicone rubber ceramized refractory material is made of ceramic modified refractory silicone rubber and high temperature resistant glass fiber material. It starts to harden under flame conditions of 350 ° C and above, and is quickly burned into ceramics with increasing temperature. The hard and complete shell, the longer the burning time, the higher the temperature, the harder the shell, the hard shell decoration after burning can protect the line well, and ensure that the line is not short-circuited under fire conditions. Road, to maintain the safety of life and property. The new refractory material can replace the traditional master tape as the refractory layer of the fireproof fire resistant cable from the cable performance requirements and the use cost.
The modified silicone rubber ceramic refractory composite belt is used in BTTRZ and BTTW flexible fireproof wire and cable. The fire resistance index of wire and cable meets the requirements of JG/T313-2014 and BS6387-1994.