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Electronic computer cable

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product description
1-10KV overhead insulated cable is suitable for AC rated voltage 1-10KV power transmission and distribution network system.
1KV overhead insulated cable implements GB/T12527-2008 "Rated voltage 1KV and below overhead insulated cable" standard and GB/T1179-2008 "round wire concentric wire overhead conductor" standard.
10KV overhead insulated cable implements GB/T14049-2008 "rated voltage 10KV overhead insulated cable" standard and GB/T1179- -2008 "round wire concentric wire overhead conductor".
Model, name, scope of use

Note: (1) 1KV overhead insulated cable can produce 1, 2, 4 core 10~240mm2, 10KV overhead insulated cables mainly based on single core, the production range is 16-300mm2
  (2) The choice of steel core reinforced steel core section can be determined according to the tensile strength of steel core aluminum stranded wire.
Product main performance
1, use characteristics
(1) Rated voltage 0.6/1KV, I0KV
(2) Long-term allowable working temperature of cable conductor: PVC insulation should not exceed 70 °C, and XLPE insulation should not exceed 90 °C.
(3). The maximum temperature of the cable during short circuit (maximum duration not exceeding 5S): 160*C for PVC insulation: 250°C for XLPE insulation.
(4) The laying temperature of the cable should not be lower than -20*C. Below this temperature, the cable should be preheated.
(5) Allowable bending radius of the cable.
a: 0b/1KV
Cable outer diameter (D) < 25mm, should not be small 4D: steel core reinforcement should be no less than 6D. The outer diameter of the cable (D) ≥ 25mm. Should be not less than 6D: The steel core reinforcement type should be no less than 10D.
b: 10KV
The single-core cable should be no less than 20D; the steel core reinforcement type should be no less than 25D. The multi-core cable should be no less than 15D; the steel core reinforcement type should be no less than 20D. [Note: The above D is the cable outer diameter. ]
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