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PVC insulated power cable

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product description
This product is suitable for transmission and distribution lines with AC rated voltage Uo/U (Um) of 3.6/6KV and below. The mechanical and physical properties and electrical properties of the cable comply with the national standard GB/T12706. 1-2008 rated voltage 1KV ( Um=1. 2KV) and 3KV (Um=3. 6KV) cable and GB/T12706.2-2008 rated voltage 6KV (Um=7.2KV) to 30KV (Um=36KV) cable.
In the voltage of the cable, Uo/U (Um): Uo: rated power frequency between conductor to ground or metal shield for cable design; U: rated power frequency between conductors for cable design; Um: equipment The maximum value of the "highest system voltage" that can be tolerated.
Use characteristics and main electrical performance indicators:
1. The laying temperature of the cable is ≥ 0 °C;
2. The long-term allowable working temperature of the cable conductor is ≤70 °C;
3. When the short circuit (the longest duration does not exceed 5S), the maximum working temperature of the cable is 160"C;
4, the minimum allowable bending radius of the cable: single-core cable without armored 20D, with armored 15D multi-core cable: no armored 15D, armored 12D, (Note: D is the measured outer diameter of the cable sample, mm);
5. AC voltage withstand test of finished cable;

6. Partial discharge test: rated voltage of 3. 6/6KV cable, applying AC voltage of 6. 2Kv, test sensitivity is not more than 10pc;
7, the conductor DC resistance in line with GB/T3956-2008 "conductor of the cable" standard provisions.
Cable model, name, laying occasions:

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