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Universal rubber sheathed flexible cable

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product description
Universal rubber sheathed flexible cable for AC rated voltages of 450/750V and below, household appliances and various mobile field electrical equipment
And the power transmission of the tool, its mechanical performance is in line with GB/T5013-2008 "Rated voltage 450/750V and below rubber insulated cable" and
JB8735-1998 "Standard voltage 450/750V and below rubber insulated cord and flexible cable" standard.
Use characteristics:
1. AC rated voltage Uo/U: YQ. YQW type cable is 300/300V; Y2. YZW. 2451EC57 (YZW) type cable is
300/500V; YC. YCW. The 2451EC66 (YCW) type cable is 450/750V.
2. The long-term allowable operating temperature of the cable core should not exceed 65"C.
3. "W" type derived cable has weather resistance and certain oil resistance. It is suitable for outdoor use or oil contact.
The model, name and production and use range of the cable:
Main electrical performance indicators of cables:
Conductor DC resistance
The conductor DC resistance of the 20' °C cable complies with the GB/T3956-2008 "Conductors for Cables" standard.
2. Power frequency AC voltage test
The cable shall withstand the power frequency AC voltage test specified in the following table without breakdown.

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