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Address: No. 389, West Huanghe Road, Yanggu County
TEL:400-891-6689  0635-2157666/2158888

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Welding machine cable

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product description
The cable is suitable for the secondary side wiring of the welding machine with the AC voltage not exceeding 200V and the pulse DC peak value of 400V and the connection of the electric welding machine. Its mechanical performance and electrical performance are in line with the national standard GB/T5013-- 2008 "rated voltage 450/ Rubber insulated cable of 750V and below.
Use characteristics:
1. The long-term allowable operating temperature of the cable conductor is 65 °C.
2. The neoprene mixture sheath has weather resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance and non-flame retarding properties.
3. Since this cable is dedicated to soldering, the rated voltage is not specified.

Cable model, name and scope of use:

Main electrical performance indicators of cables
The conductor resistance of the cable at 1.20 °C complies with the GB./T3956--2008 "Conductors for Cables" standard.
2. The finished cable is subjected to I-frequency AC 100.5 min flood water voltage test without breakdown.

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