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Frequency conversion cable

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product description
This product is suitable for frequency conversion control system of rated voltage 0.6/1KV and below for power supply cable or electrical connection. It is widely used in papermaking, metallurgy, metal processing, mining, railway and food processing industries. Its mechanical and electrical properties are in accordance with the national standard GB/T12706. 1-2008 rated voltage 1KV and 3KV cable.
Characteristics and main electrical performance indicators
1, rated voltage Uo/U: 0. 6/1KV, 1.8/3KV. 2, laying temperature of cable: more than 0 degrees C.
3. Long term permissible working temperature of cable conductors;
PVC insulated 70 degrees C, short circuit (the longest duration does not exceed 5S) cable maximum operating temperature 160'C. Cross-linked polyethylene insulated 90'C, short circuit (longest duration does not exceed 5S) cable maximum operating temperature 250 "C. 4. The allowable minimum bending radius of cable is not less than 15D (D- cable outer diameter, mm).
5. It has strong voltage impact resistance and can withstand high voltage and frequent pulse voltage.
6, it has good shielding performance, which can reduce the adverse effects of high frequency wiping wave in the inverter output. 7, low transmission resistance, good electromagnetic compatibility. 8, good anti-interference and low radiation performance.
9, symmetrical three core cable structure design has better transmission performance than four core cable. 10. DC resistance of cable conductor meets the conductor standard requirement of GB/T3956-2008 cable. 11, finished cable withstand AC 50Hz, 3.5KV, 5min withstand voltage test without breakdown.
Cable type, name and scope of use

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