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Silicone rubber insulated power cable

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product description

Product characteristics and uses
This product has excellent flexibility and is suitable for power transmission or connecting cables between moving appliances under AC rated voltage of 0.6/1KV and below. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosive gas resistance and soft structure. It is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, electronics, automobile and other industries. Industry.
Technical specification TICW/04-2009 "Silicone rubber insulated sheathed power cable with rated voltage 0.6/1KV" and TICW/05-2009 "Silicone rubber insulated and sheathed control cable with rated voltage 450/750V and below". Use characteristics
1, AC rated voltage: Uo/U 0. 6/1KV conductor maximum working temperature: 180C.
Minimum ambient temperature: fixed laying - 60C. non-fixed laying - 40 degrees C2, cable installation and laying temperature should not be lower than - 25C.
3. The allowable bending radius of the cable: the cable without armor layer is not less than 6 times the outer diameter of the cable.
The cable with armoured or screened structure shall be no less than 12 times the outer diameter of the cable.
Basic models and names

Computer and other types of silicone rubber insulated cables can be produced according to user requirements.
Main technical indicators
The DC resistance of conductor meets GB/T3956 requirements at 1 and 20 degrees C. 2, 20C insulation resistance is not less than
3, power cable withstand AC 3.5KV/5min voltage test without breakdown;
The control cable is subjected to AC 2.5KV/5min voltage test without breakdown.
Sketch map of product structure
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