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Flame retardant wire and cable

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product description
The main characteristics of flame retardant wires and cables are that they are not easy to ignite or delay ignition after ignition, and their flame retardancy conforms to the requirements of 1EC60332 combustion test and GB/T19666-2005 General Rules for Fire Retardant and Refractory Wires and Cables, and GB20286-2006 Requirements and Marks for Combustibility of Fire Retardant Products and Components in Public Places, GA306.1-20. 07 "Classification and Requirements for Flame Retardant and Refractory Cables with Plastic Insulation, Flame Retardant and Refractory Cables Part 1: Flame Retardant Cables" is applicable to places requiring flame retardant and fire protection.
Product classification
1, general flame retardant cable:
Once a fire occurs, a large number of corrosive gases and smoke will be produced after the cable burns, which can be used in general occasions with low flame retardant requirements. The flame retardant grades are divided into four categories: A, B, C and D. The types of cables are added ZA, ZB, ZC and ZD before the ordinary cable number. 2, halogen free low smoke flame-retardant cable:
The cable is characterized by:
A: halogen free gas release; b: smoke volume is small; c: produces less corrosive gas; d: flame retardant performance is good.

It also has certain mechanical and electrical properties, which can meet the requirements of cable operation. It is widely used in nuclear power stations, subway stations, telephone exchange and computer control centers, high-rise buildings, hotels, radio and television stations, important military facilities, oil platforms, etc. Its cable type is WDZC-YJY, WDZC-YJY23, WDZC-YJY33, WDZC-YJY43 or WL-YJY.


Note: flame-retardant wires and cables are directly used in flame retardant serial code plus related wire and cable models.
Main characteristics of products
1. The DC resistance, insulation resistance and voltage withstand test of the finished wire and cable should be the same as the corresponding ordinary cable.
2. Common flame retardant cables: type A and B of combustion test, 40 minutes for fire, 20 minutes for class C and D, sample. Carbonization height should not exceed
3. Halogen-free low-smoke flame-retardant cable: PH weighted value (> 4.3), conductivity (< 10 us/mm), toxicity index (< 5), bundle combustion test, at least meet the requirements of class C, smoke concentration
The transmittance is greater than 60%.
4. Oxygen insulated cables (high flame retardant cables)
The concentration (transmittance) of burning smoke is equal to or close to GB/T17651.2-1998 "Determination of smoke density of cables or optical cables burning under specific conditions; Part II: Test procedures and requirements" standard.
Especially suitable for 6KV-35KV medium voltage cable flame retardant, not only flame retardant can reach class A, but also has a certain fire resistance characteristics (that is, after burning 20 minutes can still maintain 2.4 Uo insulation level).
Note: users can choose the types and grades of flame-retardant cables according to the laying place.
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