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Pre-branch cable (YED)

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product description
Pre-branching cable is a new product developed by our company to adapt to the complexity of modern building power distribution. It is suitable for high-rise building power distribution system such as residential building, hotel, hospital, shopping mall and so on. It is also suitable for lighting system of highway, bridge and tunnel. It can reduce the relative distribution cost of construction site and realize construction. Cycle shortening and high reliability of power supply.
This product refers to JCS376 branch cable (Japan Wire Industry Association Standard) and 1EC60502-1997 "rated voltage 1-30KV extruded insulated power cable and accessories" standard production, manufacture, acceptance.
There are two kinds of pre-branched cable forming connection, one is put into production according to the requirements of drawings and the actual situation on the spot after loop-by-loop measurement and calculation statistics, and the other is formed by injection molding with traditional pressing connection, and the other is formed by T-connection with puncture clamp (Cassim, France). This method does not need field measurement and calculation statistics, and can be used arbitrarily in the cable. Position as a branch.
I, crimp injection molding pre branched cable
The connection diagram and installation diagram are as follows:

Note: The prefabricated branch cable with copper core XLPE insulated polyolefin sheath can be used to produce irradiated XLPE insulated YJ (F) prefabricated branch cable.
The main features of the C. branch cable tap system are:
The insulation resistance of 1 and 20 degree C is equal to or equal to 200MQ.
2, the power frequency withstand voltage test is more than 3.5KV/5min.
3. The contact resistance of the branch joint is small, and the ratio of the contact resistance to the standard resistance of the equivalent branch cable is less than 1.2. 4, the short circuit strength of the joint is large, and the rate of change of short circuit contact resistance ratio is less than 0.2. 5. ZR-YOV type flame retardant cable splicing system, the self extinguishing time of the sheath is less than 12S.
6. Refractory cable can not only supply power under normal working conditions, but also maintain normal operation for 90 minutes under combustion conditions.
That's ok.
7. The maximum operating temperature of polyurethane insulated cable is 70 C, and that of cross-linked polyethylene insulated cable is 90 C.
The maximum working temperature of irradiated XLPE cables can reach 105 degrees C.
8. It has excellent corrosion resistance and can resist corrosion of inorganic salts, oils, alkalis, acids and organic solvents. 9. The demultiplexing system has excellent thermal stability and anti-aging properties.
The advantages of the D. branch cable splicing system are:
1, the main cable has no connection, good continuity, and greatly reduce the failure point.
2. The whole process of cable tapping system is operated mechanically, which greatly reduces the bad quality caused by human factors. 3. The cable tapping system has reasonable structure, advanced manufacturing technology, minimal contact resistance, and is not affected by thermal expansion and cold contraction.
4. Complete the sheath in a short time to avoid the change of contact resistance caused by the oxidation of the copper core exposed in the air at the contact of the joint. 5, branch joints have strict technical standards and acceptance requirements, as well as strict quality assurance system. 6, variety specifications, flexible selection, any combination.
7. Adopting factory prefabrication method can greatly reduce labor intensity and shorten construction time. B, because the cable can be used to ensure large length and bending, it is very convenient for construction in complex places. 9, reduce the laying of occupied space, and gas and hydraulic gas pipeline joint laying.
10, the sub branch adopts high strength closed joint, waterproof and moistureproof, long term maintenance free and maintenance free.
I. puncture line clamp T to connect pre formed branch cable.
A. puncture wire clip introduction:
1. puncture structure, simple installation, insulated wire need not peeling;
2. Torque nut, constant puncture pressure, ensure good electrical connection without damage to traverse;
3, self sealing structure, moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, prolong the service life of insulated conductor and line center.
4, the use of special contact blade, suitable for copper (aluminum) butt and copper and aluminum excessive;
5. The electrical contact resistance is small, and the contact resistance is less than 1.1 times of the resistance of equal length branch conductor, which meets the DL/T765.1-2001 standard.
6. The special insulating shell is resistant to light and environmental aging, and the dielectric strength is >12kv.
7. The arc surface design is suitable for connection with the (different diameter) traverse and has wide connection range (1. 5-400mm?).
B. puncture wire clip features:
1. Easy to install, without stripping the insulation skin of the cable can be done cable branch, the joint is completely insulated, do not need to cut off the main cable, can do branch at any position of the cable, installation is simple and reliable, just pull down with a sleeve, can be installed live.
2. Safe to use, anti-twist, anti-shock, waterproof, anti-electrochemical corrosion, no maintenance, has been successfully used for 30 years. 3. Save cost, install space board small, save bridge and civil construction costs, construction applications, do not need terminal box, branch box, do not need cable return line, save cable investment; Cable + clamp costs lower than other power supply systems.
C. puncture line clamp performance test:
1, mechanical properties: grip strength is greater than 1/10 wire tension, meet GB2314-1997 requirements.
2, temperature rise performance: under the condition of high current, the temperature rise of the clamp is less than the temperature rise of the connecting wire.
3. Thermal cycling performance: in line with the GB/T2317.3-2000 power fittings thermal cycle test standard.
4, waterproof insulation performance: meet the relevant requirements of the second part of the GB/T13140.4-1998 standard test requirements;
5, corrosion resistance: in the sulphur dioxide and salt fog environment, do 3 times 14 days cycle test;
6. Environmental aging performance: in the ultraviolet, dry and humid environment, temperature changes and thermal shock leakage for six weeks;
7. Fireproof performance: The insulating material of connectors withstands the test of hot wire and meets the requirements of GB/T5169.4 Chapter 4-10, 400mm2.


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