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Address: No. 389, West Huanghe Road, Yanggu County
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Mineral insulated and isolated fireproof cable

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product description
Product features and uses:
This product is suitable for AC rated voltage 0.6/1KV and below transmission and distribution lines, power transmission, with high temperature resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and corrosive gas, superior performance. Long service life is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, Petrochemical, large-scale construction, automobile manufacturing and other industries.
Use characteristics:
1. AC rated voltage: Uo/U0.6/1KV.
2. Maximum working temperature: Polyfluoroethylene propylene (FEP) referred to as F--46 insulation does not exceed 200 ° C. Soluble polytetrafluoroethylene (PFA) insulation does not exceed 260 ° C.
3. Minimum ambient temperature: fixed installation of fluoroplastic or silicone rubber sheath - 60'C. Non-fixed laying -15 °C.
4. Cable installation temperature should not be lower than 0'C (fluoroplastic, silicone rubber and nitrile sheathed cable not lower than -25 °C).
5. The cable allows bending radius, the single core cable is 10 times the outer diameter of the cable, and the multicore cable is 15 times the outer diameter of the cable.
Basic model and name:

Note: The soft rope cable adds R to the prototype. The copper wire in the conductor core can be tinned. The model is pre-added with ZR192 and imported PFA material. The temperature is 260 °C.
Code name and meaning:


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